What is History at Home?

What is History at Home?

  • History at Home is a Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi programme, aimed at delivering fun and engaging online edutainment experience to enhance your children’s knowledge of the history of the UAE.
  • History at Home will use the fabulous collections of Zayed National Museum to take you on a virtual journey through time. The programme will include previously never seen objects from the Museum’s collections.
  • The programme turns children aged 7-15 into active learners, through use of video, graphics, animation, and quizzes and unleashes the powers of these digital tools to bring history to life.
  • History at Home uses gamification as a key learning tool. It is designed with an innovative motivation and incentive system; as users gain points for completing the weekly activities, playing the different history-related challenges, and finding answers to quizzes.

Who are the specialists that will take you through the game?



A historian studies documents to understand what happened in the past. These documents include ancient books and diaries, newspapers, paintings as well movies and videos. They can also use ‘oral histories’, which are recordings of people talking about their own lives.



An archaeologist studies objects to understand what happened in the past. These objects can include ancient pieces of pottery, stone tools, animal bones or even shells. They find these objects on digs where they carefully remove them from the ground, taking note of what else was found at that site.



Anthropologists also study history. By talking to people and asking them about their lives, they can come to a better understanding of a society's identity and traditions. They can also observe actions like dance to better understand a society's history.

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